ATLI EON 延时摄影相机


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Color :
Easy Timelapse:
All-in-One and user-friendly design makes high-quality time-lapse approachable, captures time and life like you've never had before. Once you have an ATLI EON, you will think of time-lapsing everything

Instant Sharing:
Intuitive App control, automatic generated time-lapse video with photo sequence, one of a kind time-slice feature, instantly upgrade your social media post with ease

Long operating time:
With power-saving on, the ATLI EON can shoot for days on a single charge. Its flexible schedule feature pairs with an external power supply can set the camera to shoot for years if needed.

Live Preview & Change Settings on the Fly:
Preview the recorded footage while it's still shooting, adjust the settings/effects/angle immediately whenever you see fit.

Macro Shooting & 1.4s Shutter Speed:
discover a micro-world of tiny bugs, plants, or scientific observing. To explore another perspective of the world, and fulfilled kids' curiosity.

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